Lehrers Fireplace and Patio

Gas fireplace inserts in Denver are available from many sources, from smaller, boutique-like suppliers to large stores and from companies that offer their products via web shops too. What makes the process of buying the most suitable gas insert difficult is exactly this abundance – you surely know the feeling of how easy it is to buy what you want if you have to choose from only one or two items and how difficult it all gets when you are faced with dozens of products, most of them good. If you have been browsing gas inserts for some time and you feel confused by the range of products available, here are some tips from Lehrers Fireplace and Patio to help you make the best choice:

  • Consider the type that suits your home – gas fireplace inserts come in two major categories, direct-vent systems and ventless ones. Direct vent systems are connected to a vent pipe through which the exhaust fumes are expelled outdoors, which means that they also lose some energy during the venting process, but also that they are safer. Ventless systems are more energy efficient as they don’t use a vent pipe, but they pause the risk of expelling exhaust fumes indoors, therefore they are not allowed in some municipalities, while in others they are allowed only if the space fulfills certain requirements.
  • Consider the size – gas inserts come in a variety of styles and sizes, so before picking your product it is a good idea to measure the fireplace into which your insert will be installed.
  • Consider the style – it is also a good idea to pick an insert that matches the style of the fireplace.