BBQ store Denver

With BBQ time starting soon, here are a few grilling recipes that use unusual ingredients for unexpectedly delicious results:

  • Grilled avocado – grilling is not all about preparing large chunks of meat. Avocado is also great for grilling because the relatively neutral taste can be flavored in lots of different ways and it works exceptionally well with cheese as well as with grilled lemons and cherry tomatoes;
  • Grilled peppers and tzatziki – whatever your favorite pepper variety, whether it is sweet or hot, red, green or yellow, grilling it brings out flavors and adds a smoked taste as well. Match the grilled peppers with some minty, fresh tzatziki sauce – it will be delightfully refreshing;
  • Grilled cheese – it might not be very surprising or unusual to grill cheese, but the timeless classic, combined with a fresh salad on the side will make everyone happy. To make it all the more special, you can choose a cheese variety that is not normally grilled, such as brie;
  • Grilled desserts – just grab some large, sweet fruit, such as peaches or apples, cut them into half, de seed them, then place them on the grille. When they get beautifully charred, add some tasty, cinnamon-flavored and sweetened butter or yogurt and serve it while still hot.

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