As nothing is more relaxing after a day of work than being able to sit in the shade, in the yard of your house, for a few hours of total peace and a little rest, we have gathered some useful ideas on how to design your backyard o order to create shaded areas, where you can eat and relax, protected from direct exposure to sun.

Build a vine garden arch

This will grow into a spectacular decoration for your garden, whether you use it to dress the main alley, to provide a natural shade to your car, or you simply use it to build a relaxation area, in the shade.

patio umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas

A patio umbrella can add shade to your seating area or outdoor dining space. Patio umbrella Denver hot sellers come in a variety of fabrics, designs, and sizes sure to suit your budget and space.


If you want 100% natural shade, trees are another excellent solution for your backyard. Of course, planting trees depends a lot on how big the yard is. Among the trees that offer the best natural shade are cedar, willow, cypress, birch and Paulownia.

A garden pavilion

It is the cheapest solution and intended for courtyards that have less space. A pavilion can be the place where you can organize meals with your loved ones, in the comfort and beauty of your yard, protected from the aggressive rays of the summer sun.