fireplace Denver

If you are planning to buy an electric fireplace in Denver CO, you must also be considering the type of power source to use, the place where it would look and work best, as well as how to maintain your appliance. Here are some things you should know about the maintenance process before you make your purchase:

  • The least maintenance intensive type of fireplace – electric fireplaces transform almost all the electricity they take from the grid into heat. Electric fireplace Denver retailers affirm that this means that electric fireplaces require no regular cleaning, other than the occasional dusting of the exterior surfaces as well as of the interior. This will remove any foreign object or dust that might cause smoke when it comes in contact with heat.
  • The artificial flames also deserve a little attention – some electric fireplaces have a glass insert and some artificial flames that come up when heat is generated from beneath them. It is a good idea to clean the plastic flames every now and then. A good wipe of the insert glass is also recommended to maintain the appearance of the appliance. Some electric fireplaces produce the illusion of flames with the help of mirrors rotating on the inside. If an appliance like this is your choice, be prepared to clean the mirrors occasionally