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Summer is here, and it’s a perfect time for grilling. Unfortunately, gas grills don’t last forever, and you need to be careful about the maintenance work you consider for them. Following you can find some of the best tips from a bbq store in Denver on how to maintain your precious gas grill:

  1. Burn off the grease – when we’re grilling, the charcoal transfers heat to the cooking grates, so your grates will quickly become covered with grease. Before firing up your grill again, flip over the charcoals, cover the lid, and heat the grill on high for 15 minutes.
  2. Clean the burner and tubes – using warm, soapy water, clean the gas tubes and towel dry. For the burner, clean it with a damp cloth. Then towel dry the gas ports on the burner, and with a toothpick, make sure you clean each one.
  3. Clean the cooking grates – after burning off the grease, cool the grill. Scrub the grates with a long–handled grill brush and soapy warm water, but only after removing the charcoal. Then towel dry and put the charcoal back.
  4. Wash the grill – first, cover the gas valves with aluminum foil to protect the connections. Then you can wash the grill’s interior and exterior surface with the aforementioned wire grill brush and warm soapy water. Rinse and towel dry. Finally, reattach the gas tubes and burners, and you’re good to go.