Although the sound of wood cracking on cold nights can be very appealing, many homeowners find it difficult to use a wood-based fireplace, as it can be messy and it may be difficult to find the right place for stacking wood. So they can opt out for gas-based fireplaces.

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In this respect, preferred fireplace Denver merchants affirm that there are two main types of gas-based fireplaces, namely gas logs and gas inserts. It is very useful to know the main differences between them, so as to make the best choice for you.

Gas logs are more decorative. They are made to resemble wood-based fireplaces and can be inserted in the exact opening you currently have for your wood fireplace. At the same time, they are less expensive than gas inserts. However, gas logs will require you to buy extra elements such as glass doors, in order to make the fireplace safe. The gas log should be vented properly, to keep the air in your room fresh and healthy.

Gas inserts are more energy efficient, as they do not allow any air escape from the fireplace to the outside. They are more expensive to buy and to install, but they can heat up bigger spaces and are available in various sizes and shapes. Also, they operate together with a ventilation system.