outdoor furniture maintenance

If you have an outdoor furniture set that you want to protect against the damage that can be caused by freezing weather and snow, here are a few great tips for you:
– Clean and treat wood pieces – if you have wooden furniture, use some sandpaper to remove any paint residues or stains, then use a mild soap and water to clean your furnishing items, then let them dry. When the surfaces are perfectly dry and clean, apply a suitable sealant to prevent the wood from absorbing the water from the rain and the melting snow;
– Snow-proofing plastic furniture – plastic does not absorb water, but it is sensitive to fluctuating and very low temperatures. The best way to protect it against the snow is not to expose it to frozen water and freezing weather – fortunately, plastic patio furniture is lightweight, easy to move and stackable, so all you need is a place that can accommodate the items;
– Protecting metal furniture – most metal furniture for outdoors is made from wrought iron, which is a durable material, but very sensitive to the action of water, so it is best moved inside. Cast aluminum is the other common material used for making metal furniture for outdoors – it is a great, durable, strong, corrosion- and rust-resistant, completely weatherproof material, so it does not need any protection to make it snow-proof.
– Fall is also a great time to have your gas fireplace inserts cleaned and inspected by licensed professionals.