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If you have a backyard, you are in great luck – unlike people living in apartments, you have a patch of green that you can use for having fun with your family all summer long. Here are some tips how to make the most of it:

  • Blow bubbles – if you have young kids, blowing rainbow-colored soap bubbles is one of the most enjoyable activities for the little ones as well as for the parents and grandparents. The activity is not demanding physically, but it is great for a giggle or two;
  • Play outdoor games – there are many great, entertaining and, most importantly, completely safe lawn games to play, including timeless classics, such as Red Rover;
  • Grilling – another classic family pass-time and a fun way to prepare varied dishes. Check out Lynx Denver authorized dealers for an amazing selection of these great gas grills, smokers and outdoor kitchen products. Who knows, maybe you can even get the kids to have some grilled vegetables;
  • Scavenger hunt – there are all sorts of tiny items that you can hide in your backyard. Make sure to use your shrubs and trees, too – they make great hiding places and encourage climbing;
  • Set up tents and spend the night outside – all kids like camping and spending the night in a tent is great excitement. Get a large tent for yourself and spend the night outside, too.