Outdoor furniture is usually made from the best, most durable materials, but the items that you leave outdoors all summer are exposed to a lot and they can certainly use a little attention to be able to serve you better and longer. Here are some tips how to take care of your outdoor furnishing set:

  • Regular cleaning – most materials can be easily cleaned with a piece of cloth or a sponge and some soap water. Check your items regularly and wipe them clean at least once a month;
  • Use covers – you can easily find affordable covers made from some weather-resistant material such as vinyl. Keep your covers at hand to be able to cover your items quickly, should a storm form unexpectedly;
  • Repair and coat your items if necessary – some materials, such as wood and some metals, can be made to last longer if you apply specialized coatings. Wood, for example, can be treated with coats that improve the material’s resistance to rot and insects, while metal can be protected from rust with the help of the right product. Retailers selling outdoor patio furniture sets in Lakewood confirm that most treatments need to be applied once a year – the protection they offer will last all year long.