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On warm summer evenings, the most pleasant thing is to relax on your patio. In order to benefit from a comfortable ambiance, you must be careful with the decorations, colors, materials, but also with the lighting solutions you use. Here are some garden lighting ideas from outdoor kitchens Denver retailers that will help you create the perfect space for relaxation and socializing.

  1. Lights on strings

Light bulbs on a string are a cheap and easy way to add light and atmosphere to an outdoor space.

  1. Candles in lanterns

Large candles are an inspired lighting solution. They are easy to move and rearrange, you have different colors and flavors to choose from, and if they are placed in lanterns or glass vases, everything gets a much more elegant air.

  1. LED light strips

Strips of LED lights placed under the steps leading to the garden or under different pieces of furniture are a simple way to bring more light and style to your patio.

  1. Upward-pointing light spots

Choose to strategically place a series of spotlights to illuminate beautiful vegetation or even the volume of the building.

  1. Globes and light spheres

Create a relaxed and magic atmosphere with the help of light globes of different sizes. You can suspend them one by one, or in groups, for a spectacular effect.