gas fireplace Denver

A fireplace is a cozy thing to have in your home that creates a special atmosphere during the cold months.

However, sometimes you may experience cold draft coming from it to ruin your thermal comfort. If you do not know what to do about it, read on and find out our suggestions.

Install a top damper

This accessory is designed to be installed on top of your chimney, preventing not just cold drafts, and also animals’ access. It should be installed by a gas fireplace Denver specialist, to avoid chimney fire or chimney blockage. A top damper has a level or a cord to open or close it easily. Before you light a fire, you must always open the damper, otherwise you risk gas or smoke buildup in the room. If this happens, open the damper immediately, as well as the windows.

Use a chimney balloon

Chimney balloons are made of plastic and, when placed in the chimney and inflated, they block any drafts. First, the balloon must be inflated partially and placed in the chimney flue. Keep inflating it until it fills the entire area and holds firmly. Remember to remove the balloon anytime you light a fire.