Big Green Egg Denver

If you have made up your mind to get a new grill for your yard this year, you are surely overwhelmed by the multitude of products available. To make the selection easier for you, here are a few things to consider before the purchase:

  • Choose the fuel type – consider the availability of fuel sources and your cooking style. Gas grills are available in types that use a detachable propane tank as well as in types that can be connected to your home’s supply of natural gas. These units offer complete control over the heat delivered, being equally suitable for low-heat and high-heat processes. Charcoal grills work best for dishes that can benefit from the traditional, beloved smoky taste, while pellet-burning grills are fitted with an on-board computer for an even more precise control over the temperature delivered;
  • Price and costs – how much you will pay for your grill and how much it costs you to operate the appliance will depend on the quality class, the size of the grill and the fuel used. Larger, sturdier, higher-end units, like the popular Big Green Egg at Denver retailers, cost more than small ones. In terms of fuel costs, charcoal is the cheapest option, followed by detachable propane tanks and with pellets being the most expensive option.