The fireplace can play both a functional and an aesthetic role in your home. In addition, it can be framed in a rustic space, but also in a modern or classic environment.

The fireplace can be built in a corner of the room, or in the middle of the wall. Its ideal location depends on its type (an electric fireplace can be placed anywhere, but the location of a traditional fireplace must be chosen according to the elements that compose it. We are talking here mostly about the hearth, frames and chimney).

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If the main function of your fireplace is to heat the room, fireplace solutions Denver experts recommend that the fireplace should be placed centrally, so that the heat is distributed evenly.

If heating the house is not the main purpose, but the design of the fireplace and your possibility to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching the fire burn, the location is not so important, because the fireplace does not have to meet the need to heat the whole room. In this case, its main purpose is to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

In general, fireplaces are located in an area of maximum visibility, representing the main point of interest of the room and having a significant visual impact.