Big Green Egg Denver

The Big Green Egg grill has been enjoying ongoing popularity ever since it was first launched, back in the 1970’s. The large, green, egg-shaped appliance uses charcoal and a special technology designed for delivering the most amazing grilled dishes. Per knowledgeable Big Green Egg Denver retailers, here are some of the perks offered by these great, versatile units:

  • A wide choices of sizes – Big Green Eggs come in a wide variety of sizes, from the Mini Egg, suitable for preparing two chicken breasts or 1 steak at a time to extra-large units, suitable for preparing 35-40 hamburgers at a time, able to cater for the needs of professional settings, such as restaurants;
  • Special technology for special dishes – unlike other charcoal dishes, the Big Green Egg is made entirely from ceramic and features an oval shape. This combination of properties allows for the more efficient storing of heat as well as for the more even distribution of the heat inside the compartment, adding special tenderness to any dish;
  • Fuel efficiency – the ability to store heat more efficiently make the Big Green Egg more efficient in terms of coal usage as well; even the largest models use very little coal;
  • Versatility – Big Green Egg grills can be turned into a smoker, too.