luxury outdoor grills like the Big Green Egg

The price of grills ranges from hundreds to thousands, with the amount you pay for your appliance being usually directly proportional with quality. Here are some of the features that make high-end grilling equipment a great investment:

  • Better, safer burners – whatever type of grill you choose in terms of the fuel used, high-end units are equipped with more efficient burners and the range of safety features installed is also wider. High-end burners allow for more accurate temperature settings and they also deliver more power – a combination that makes it possible for you to prepare dishes that need high temperatures and controlled settings;
  • Comfort features – most high-end grills include not only a fuel source and burners, but extra features as well. Most of them come with a built-in rotisserie system, options for indirect cooking and smokers that use wood chips; For the ultimate grilling experience, look at the popular Big Green Egg in Denver at Lehrers Fireplace and Patio.
  • Stronger, more durable materials – high-gauge, high-quality steel, ceramic tiles and other, reliable solutions make sure that you will be able to use your grill for more than just a season or two;
  • Service support – while many low-end grills cannot be serviced, replacement parts are more easily available for high-end products and more expensive units also come with service support available if needed.