Fireplaces serve not only aesthetic purposes – they are also there to keep you warm. If you are currently planning a remodeling project that involves the installation of a fireplace, here are the most common types:
– Wood burning types – these are the most traditional types available in classic, open styles that are usually built from stone or masonry and enclosed types that have a large glass panel to give you access to the burning area and allow you to enjoy the sight of the flames;
– Gas burning fireplaces – these units burn gas to produce the fire and along with energy efficient gas fireplace inserts they just as attractive as traditional, wood burning styles. They can be vented and ventless types;
– Ethanol burning fireplaces – these types come in many different styles, from inserts that can be installed on the wall, to small ones that go on tabletops;
– Electric fireplaces – these are the most cost-efficient appliances of them all and they are quick and easy to install as well. Many of them can be installed without having to build a chimney and there are lots of remotely versions that offer very elegant heating solutions and there are others that come integrated into media centers.