family enjoying warmth of fireplace

Looking for new trends in fireplace designs? If you search for them enough, it is 100% certain that you will find something that fits your house to a T. Some of the newest designs these days focus on minimal appeal and a blending of serviceability with either a traditional or modern design – always clean and focused on the details of the appearance, in every instance.

Some of the following designs can be seen at fireplace store Denver showrooms and are are favorites among real estate and interior decoration experts. Whether you have a brand new home or an old, traditional style family house, at least one of them is sure to spark your interest.

Farmhouse Design Kitchens and Wood Fireplaces

Cozy cottage home designs is what it’s all about sometimes, and if you want a truly picturesque appearance to your kitchen, you might consider this type of design as suitable. In most cases, this also means adding a kitchen fireplace, and what better option than to consider a traditional wood-burning fireplace that completes the picture entirely?

All-wood designs combined with a retro-style stone fireplace, or a more modern approach blending white with gray and light blue would be considered the most suitable and fashionable styles recommended by experts today.

Minimal and White

Among the new trends in fireplace designs, the “color” white has a special place. White is often associated with purity, simplicity and serenity, so if you have a house that’s close to the beach, it would make sense to combine a white interior with large windows and glass doors that capture the view of the beautiful beach and waves.

In such cases, you don’t want a fireplace to block your view, but you might still want a fireplace after all. A minimal white electric or gas-powered fireplace with a chic, modern design is often the best choice in such instances.

Onyx Fireplaces – A Whole New Fashion

It’s not the first time that onyx fireplaces became popular. Although they were never in the mainstream,   there were times when onyx was the material of choice because of its durability and remarkably unique appearance. Today, onyx fireplaces are more common, and you may find them as viable contributions to homes that use wood and tones of brown and orange more heavily. The combination of an onyx fireplace and a sleek, hardwood floor is considered exquisite by most interior decorators.

Coziness and Gold

A comfortable living area with plush furnishings and a delicately adorned interior needs a fireplace to match. Soft rugs and upholstery that gives you the sense that you’re living in a fairy tale palace will go well together with a built-in fireplace design featuring a gold finish combined with natural wooden accents. The design is common in the master suites of the most expensive hotels in the world, and they are sure to impress your guests as well.

You’ll find that many of these fireplace designs are not as expensive as they look. However, their impressive appearance will often give people the impression that you’re living in a luxury home, and if you want to sell your house, that’s a big plus in terms of impressing and delighting your prospective buyers.