It is cold outside, and what can be more pleasant than quiet evenings spent in a warm place, with a cup of flavored tea and a good book? Where would this place be if not in front of a fireplace? The fire, warmth, and light bring a quiet, fairy tale atmosphere to any home.

Other advantages of owning a fireplace:

  • rapid heating of the space
  • aesthetic aspect
  • better efficiency than a classic stove

Considering the diversity of fireplaces available on the market, it is natural to ask yourself what is the best fireplace you can get.

best fireplaces in Denver

So, how do we select the best fireplaces in Denver?

According to Lehrer Fireplace and Patio sales experts, a good fireplace must meet the following conditions:

  • produce the heat you need in the room
  • be safe in operation
  • look good
  • be easy to use
  • have a decent upfront and exploitation costs

Thermal power

This is one of the essential details to check when looking around for a fireplace. You can find wood or gas fireplaces with thermal power between 5 and 25 kW.

Calculation of the power requirements:

Calculate the volume of the room (length x width x height). Depending on the house’s insulation, the volume is divided by an insulation coefficient (10, 15, 20), as follows: for a very well-insulated home: 20, medium thermal insulation: 15, low thermal insulation: 10.

Example of calculation:

For a house with a volume of 100 mĀ³ and medium thermal insulation, you will need a fireplace of about 6 KW (100:15).

The thermal power for electric fireplaces is the same as the power absorbed from the network (1500 W, 2000 W, 2500 W, etc.).

In conclusion, Denver boasts a diverse selection of fireplaces that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot to unwind after a day of exploring the city or a romantic ambiance for a special evening, Denver has something for everyone. From trendy rooftop bars with panoramic views to rustic lodges with crackling hearths, the city offers a range of options to suit every occasion. Whether you’re drawn to the modern elegance of urban chic or the rustic charm of mountain retreats, Denver’s best fireplaces provide warmth, comfort, and an inviting atmosphere that embodies the spirit of Colorado hospitality.