Your patio is probably one of your favorite places in the house – the comfortable outdoor area where you can sip your coffee in the morning and relax after work, where you can entertain friends or enjoy a meal with your family. A precious space deserves its owner’s attention, so when the cold weather settles in and you no longer use your patio, it is a good idea to do some winterization on the furniture that has served you so well during the summer. Here is how:

outdoor furniture

  • Do a final cleaning and perform a detailed check – take a final look at your furniture and remove all impurities, dust and dried leaves from your items. When the furniture is clean, check each piece to catch any damage, such as cracked or warping paint to be able to remedy all issues in time;
  • To move or not to move – while aluminum patio furniture is not sensitive to cold and snow and can be safely left outdoors for the winter, the pieces made from cast iron, wood or plastic do not like freezing temperatures and excessive moisture, so they need to be moved inside. They don’t need the temperature that would make you feel comfortable, but they prefer environments where the air temperature is above freezing point.

And don’t forget to have your fireplace and gas fireplace inserts inspected annually as well to ensure proper safety and efficiency.