gas fireplace Denver

The fireplace is much more than an appliance used for heating – it is an important component of your home, the décor element that sets the atmosphere for your cozy evenings when there is snow outside and the wind is howling. Like so many other components of your building, your fireplace also need to be prepared for the fall and the winter – here is how:

  • Preparing your wood-burning fireplace – the first and one of the most important things to do is to hire a professional chimney sweeper to clean the chimney. The step is essential for being able to use the fireplace safely throughout the winter. The fireplace itself also needs to be inspected and cleaned before you place in the log and start using the fireplace;
  • Prepping a gas-burning fireplace – the systems used by gas-burning fireplaces is quite complex and their proper maintenance is a task that you need a gas fireplace Denver professional for. The process will include cleaning the burners, checking the gas supply, removing any dust and debris from the motor and testing the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;
  • Install and clean the glass screen, too – a glass screen will make sure that no spark flies out of the fireplace;
  • Stock up on wood – buy wood that is clean and untreated to avoid toxic fumes.