A fireplace insert can be anything from the real deal – a fireplace with real wood burning and a chimney – to an electronic, high definition screen that is meant to just look like a fireplace. However, between choosing a fireplace that’s all “looks” and one that has all the traditional qualities of a classic fireplace, there are many other, often more interesting, sophisticated and practical fireplace inserts you can also try.

fireplace solutions Denver

Choosing a good fireplace insert will depend on what your main preference is. Do you want a fireplace that actually generates heat? Do you want one that looks great at the same time? Then consider first the type of heating system that the fireplace insert will use. Wood and gas burning fireplaces are very popular, but electric ones have also increased in popularity as of late. Also, there are unique fireplace inserts that use high end economizers and designs meant to improve their energy efficiency and eco-friendly qualities. There are many great fireplace solutions in Denver.

Finally, you’ll have to choose the design and the type of screen the fireplace uses. Some fireplaces are made to look like their genuine, old fashioned counterparts, while others are far more modern and “clean” in their design. Also, while some are designed to be built into your wall, others are made to stick out and feature 3D screens that allow you to view that satisfying fire from anywhere in the room