fathers day a great day to relax outside

If you want to offer your dad a fantastic time this Father`s Day, you should consider a form of outdoor entertainment and June is the perfect time for geocaching.
Geocaching is a fun and adventurous activity that you can turn into a great present for your dad. It is about walking in nature, following coordinates (they are your treasure map!) and identifying hidden caches.
There are over 2 million caches around the world, so you surely have some in your area.
Before taking your dad to a geocaching adventure, make sure you have fully loaded smart phones with you (plus a solar battery, just in case), as well as profiles registered at Geocaching.com (registration is free). Download the application on your smart phones, enter your location and see the caches nearby.
Start looking and hunting, but do not expect that it will be easy to find them. Actually, it may be quite challenging, as some caches are well-hidden and you must use various clues as well as your intuition to identify them. There is a ranking system that you can use to determine whether a particular cache is easy or difficult to be found and, unless your dad is very athletic, you should not hunt for the most challenging caches.
What will you find?
The caches are smaller or larger containers with things inside; some of them allow swapping, which means that you can take something for you, if you leave something of at least equal value.
After a day of activity, come home, and cozy up in your backyard in the best patio furniture Denver CO offers, grill some steaks, and enjoy a day well spent!