Grilling is no longer a cooking method used for preparing meat dishes – fruits and vegetables are also great for grilling and there are lots of great Traeger grills Denver recipes that can be enjoyed by vegetarian people as well. Here are some examples:

  • Prepare skewers – traditionally, skewers are prepared alternating pieces of meat with vegetables cut to suitable sizes or applied on the skewers whole. You can use the same order and the same spices and flavors, but replace meat with mushrooms or with pieces of eggplant for a unique combination;
  • Grill fruits – melons, peaches, even plums, pears and apples are delicious when grilled. The sugars from the fruits get caramelized, the texture of the fruit becomes crispy and soft at the same time and the grilled fruit is great served with some ice cream or even on their own;
  • Polenta – the traditional dish prepared from corn flour gets a wonderful, sweet and charred flavor when placed on the grill for a couple of minutes;
  • Veggie pizza – small pieces of flatbread heated on the grill, with some grilled tomatoes, peppers and rucola, spiced with salt, pepper and herbs, sprinkled with some chilly-flavored olive oil is another great vegetarian recipe for the grill;
  • Grilled tofu – tofu has a neutral flavor, therefore it makes a great ingredient to grill. Cut a tofu cube to slices, spice the slices the way you like, then throw them on the grill for a couple of minutes. You can serve them with a fresh salad and some barbeque sauce.