best patterns for patio furniture in Denver CO

If you have moved your patio outside, you cleaned the chairs, the table and the sofa, you have treated all the pieces with a suitable coating product to make them durable and attractive and you are ready to pick a new set of accessories to add a new look to your patio, here are some of the best patterns for patio furniture in Denver CO homes to choose from:

  • Combine plain pieces and large patterns – simple, plain, grey for the cushioning, combined with throw pillows that feature a large, colorful pattern and with blankets in the colors of the patterns will confer a stylish and easy to maintain look to your patio;
  • Monochrome looks – you can create a pleasing, uniform appearance choosing cushions and pillows of the same, bright color. To make sure the look is not monotonous, choose fabric that features interesting texture;
  • Flowers and leaves – with this classic garden and patio pattern you cannot go wrong. Large patterns will extend the space, while small ones make it cozier and more romantic, so choose your flowery cushions with the desired style in mind;
  • Combine plain and patterned cushions – pillows covered in some silky, monochrome material combined with pillows that feature patterns confers a great, stylish look to any patio.