Some might argue that there is no specific “best” when you’re looking for different types of fireplaces. Each type of fireplace solutions Denver retailers showcase has its own pros and cons, and the type of fireplace that is best suited to what you need ultimately depends on you and what you want to accomplish by buying it.

Depending on the type of material they use as energy, there are a number of fireplaces you can buy. Electric fireplaces use electricity and typically only show an image of burning fire that can be customized. Gas and wood burning fireplaces usually have an open flame, and you have to consider their safety and using a proper cover or door to shield your home from the fumes.

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Free standing fireplaces, as well as built-in and wall-mounted fireplaces depend on your preferred mounting type. Do you want your fireplace to be portable? Maybe you prefer a traditional look for your new fireplace. These issues have to be considered before deciding on the type you want.

Finally, there are also unique designs to consider such as tabletop fireplaces or two-sided fireplaces. These are usually considered in unique setting, as a fun and interesting way to add a spicier feel to interior renovations.