The fireplace is the focal point in any room, an accessory that sets the atmosphere for the entire room and in many households, it is also used for actually heating the space. Buying a fireplace is a considerable, one-time investment, so getting the best piece is essential. Here are some of the questions that you should ask your Lehrer’s Fireplace dealer before you make the final decision:

  • The style of the fireplace – a brick and mortar fireplaces are no longer the only option. Nowadays, you can choose from lots of classic styles, but sleek, modern units are also available. To make the right choice, tell your dealer about the style of the room that the fireplace will be installed in or, even better, show the dealer pictures of your room and ask for guidance about the fireplace styles that work best;
  • The type of fuel – while wood is the fuel that probably comes to mind first when you think of a fireplace, gas-burning units are also great. Before you choose your unit, ask the dealer to explain to you the pros and cons of either fuel type – find out about capacities, efficiency, fuel costs and the amount of energy that you will need to put into fireplace maintenance.

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