With the arrival of spring, the time for moving your patio furniture outside also comes. Depending on how you stored your furniture in the winter, whether the pieces were only covered in foil and placed in the shed or they were kept in a room with stable, warm temperature, you will need to perform various tasks to prepare the items for the spring and the summer – here is how:

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  • Cleaning – mix some all-purpose cleaner or special cleaning staff intended for the material that your furniture is made from with some lukewarm water and clean the pieces with a sponge. If you find stubborn dirt, soak it in the cleaning solution, rather than rub it. Finish the operation with rinsing, then wait until the surfaces are completely dry;
  • Apply protection – inspect your furniture for signs of damage. If you have wood furniture, look for signs of rot and termites and check wrought iron items for rust, then remove and correct damaged parts and apply a coating of protective product. Never apply protective coating in damaged areas – these products seal the surface, but they do not stop the damage from spreading on the inside, so if you want to make sure your patio furniture stays strong, make sure that you remove even the smallest damaged spot.

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