outdoor kitchens Denver

An outdoor kitchen is a great thing to have – cooking outside is much more enjoyable in summer and it also allows you to prepare meals without heating up your cooled home. If you are currently planning to invest into an outdoor kitchen, here are some of the things to pay attention to:

  • Custom-built or standard – if you have some special requirements, such as a special countertop, and you are willing to pay more for your kitchen, you can get a custom-made kitchen, executed to your exact specifications. Stock configurations, on the other hand, come in a very wide variety in stores and they are much cheaper than tailored equipment;
  • Get appliances of the highest quality that you can afford – make a list with the must-have appliances for outdoor kitchens in Denver to make sure nothing is left out. Buy the highest quality that you can afford and make sure your appliances are outdoor-rated – you will want to use your outdoor kitchen for a long time, so the investment is surely worthwhile;
  • Pay attention to local regulations – when designing your kitchen layout, make sure to keep the required distance between appliances to comply with safety regulations. As a general rule, installed appliances must be separated by an 8-inch distance from each other, but local rules might stipulate more.