fireplace store Denver

If you have made up your mind to get a fireplace for your Denver home to have that unique coziness that only a fireplace can give you, one of the most important questions to make up your mind about is whether on electric or a gas-burning fireplace works best for you from the point of safety. Before you pick one out of the many fireplace solutions in Denver, here are some important aspects to have in mind:

  • Installation – electric and gas operated fireplaces are largely different in terms of the installation procedure. While electric units only need to be connected to a power source through a simple, common plug, the installation of a gas burning fireplace is somewhat more complicated, requiring either a gas line or a separate propane tank as well as a professional installation technician to ensure that all the installation procedures are performed correctly;
  • Usage – while both types of fireplaces are very safe to use, you must be prepared that gas operated fireplaces can get very hot on the outside and therefore they pose a higher risk off burning. Electric fireplaces are made from materials that do not transfer heat therefore they are probably safer to use around small children.
  • A well known fireplace store Denver homeowners have used for years, can provide you with more detailed information about the pros and cons of each type of fireplace.