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Close your eyes and imagine the best outdoor patio space.  A grill is cooking your favorites while nearby, the pool and lawn are great places to hang out for family and friends. The patio furniture is comfortable and relaxing. There is a fireplace with a crackling fire that offers the perfect addition to an amazing evening. It is an ideal place to sit and relax.

The Best Furniture to Make the Most of Your Outdoor LIVING Space

Our outdoor patio furniture sets help you create a place to escape, entertain guests, and enjoy free time.

Your patio can even be a place of productivity where you have an ideal place on your outdoor table, or on a bench tray, for your laptop and to get work done.

In short, we provide all the outdoor furniture and accessories you need to design a wonderful outdoor patio space, which begs the question, how did you ever live without them?

Great Looking Patio Furniture That’s Really Built to Last

While many people think of outdoor furniture as being flimsy, easy to break, or blow over, it’s possible to get as many or more years out of your outdoor furniture as your indoor furniture. That’s because many types of outdoor furniture are designed to withstand the elements, besides being comfortable and good looking.

Quality Metal and Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Sets

Our metal furniture stands up to weather and wear and tear better than patio sets you’ll find made from lesser materials. We sell beautiful wrought iron and steel and wrought aluminum patio sets, plus colorful cushions to match lots of chair types and your patio decor. These sets look fabulous in any setting, offering charm and beauty, plus comfort.

Complete your custom outdoor furniture design by adding a fanciful umbrella for over the table. Your guests will love it and so will you.

Customize Your Outdoor Furniture with Fabric, Pattern and Finish Options

You’ll be amazed at the range of fabric colors, patterns, cording, and finishes available to personalize outdoor furniture. Virtually all of our patio furniture is customizable. Take a look at some of the collections available from O.W. Lee, one of the quality manufacturers we carry, to coordinate your home and match your style. The best kind of patio furniture fits the tone of your outdoor space with seamless ease.

Fire Pits

Enjoy your backyard all year long with an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Fire pits and fireplaces provide heat and added ambiance to your backyard. We offer a wide range of wood burning, propane and natural gas fire pits and fireplaces. With many different, sizes, styles and colors you can customize and outdoor fireplace to fit your needs.

At Lehrer’s, we believe in enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors. What better way than entertaining your family and friends in your beautiful “outdoor living room.” We will help transform your patio into a functional entertaining area. We provide one-on-one, no pressure service while you are in the store. We also provide free in-home estimates and consultations with one of our installers. We have our own in-house installation crews–NO contracting out projects. This way, we can guarantee and warranty our work. We stand behind our work and make sure that the customer is happy from start to finish.

Modern Outdoor Chairs and Sofas

When it comes to buying patio furniture you want to get the most comfort, style and value for your money. You also want a big selection and convenient locations where you can shop. Lehrer’s provides all of these for you. First, we offer three convenient locations (Denver, Highlands Ranch and Arvada). Then we focus on providing the highest quality products to fit your specific needs. That is why we carry products from O.W. Lee, Summer Classics, Treasure Garden and Sunbrella . We offer Sunbrella, O.W. Lee, and Goldcrest Fabrics fabrics for your outdoor cushions and umbrellas. Sunbrella fabrics are engineered to stand up to extreme sun exposure, cleaning with bleach and the rigors of everyday life without fading or strength loss. Outdoor Cushions and Umbrellas are a perfect way to add some color to your outdoor spaces.