The spring-summer is the time when people spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying nature and warm weather. A barbecue with friends is a moment of joy, but the strong sun rays at noon can ruin it. A patio umbrella is an effective way to protect the area where you stay.

When the sun strikes, even the biggest summer lover begins to feel uncomfortable. Instead of postponing your party or barbecue for the evening and locking yourself in the house to protect yourself from the afternoon heat, you would better equip your patio with an umbrella. This accessory alone will make the difference between a comfortable and relaxing day spent outdoors and a boring day spent indoors.

patio umbrella Denver

When looking for a weather resistant patio umbrella Denver residents shop at a local patio furniture store like Lehrer Fireplace and Patio.

There are several types of umbrellas to choose from, but first, you must evaluate the area where you want to position it in order to benefit from the protection you need against the sun’s rays. Depending on this area, you will choose the size of your patio umbrella. The specialists in exterior design say that the best patio umbrella is the one that covers the desired area, plus 60 cm around it.

Other factors to consider are the height of the umbrella and the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, because the strength and resistance of your patio accessory will depend on it.