Cinco de Mayo is a well-known holiday not only in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries, but also in the American South – especially the state of Texas. As a result, you’ve probably already heard about the various grilling recipes used for the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, that are already famous in the South. Some of these originated in Texas, although most are either 100% Mexican or Tex-Mex recipes. Find the best gas grills in Denver at Lehrers to get the party started!

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One of the most popular grilling recipes you can consider is Mexican-style grilled corn. Extremely popular, nutritional and healthy, this recipe is easy to make and is rarely overlooked from the fiesta menu at any house.

If you want something that sounds a little more American, consider beer-marinated chicken tacos. This recipe is really popular in the South – for obvious reasons – and as the name suggests, it involves chicken thighs being marinated in a mixture of garlic and dark beer, and then grilled, sliced and stuffed into tortillas along with a spread of guacamole.

Grilled skirt steak fajitas represent yet another Cinco de Mayo recipe that will have you and your guests reaching for seconds. The flour tortillas wrapped around a delicious steak with a flavorful crust created with the help of a sweet and tangy marinade will leave your mouth watering and help you to really get the party going on Cinco de Mayo.