electric fireplace Denver CO

If you have decided to add a fireplace in your home before the winter comes, you surely know by now that you have three basic options in terms of the energy source used by your unit: a traditional wood-burning fireplace, a fireplace that burns gas and an electrical fireplace. Out of the three options, electrical fireplaces take the lead from many points of view – here are some:

  • Affordability – both wood-burning fireplaces and gas-operated units can be quite expensive – wood fireplaces require a chimney and expensive masonry, while gas-operated solutions need a gas line. Electric fireplace Denver CO dealers confirm that electric fireplaces, on the other hand, are affordable to buy and also affordable to operate;
  • Easy installation – most electric fireplaces require only a safe plug to connect to, nothing else – no extra construction, no special devices;
  • Space efficiency – electric fireplaces usually occupy less space than other options, therefore they are suitable for smaller rooms as well;
  • Increased safety – electric fireplaces do not involve any of the risks posed by other types of fireplaces. While they are turned on, they do not generate any toxic emissions, they don’t pose a fire hazard or the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and they don’t use chimneys to worry about either.