While many people are discouraged to buy wooden outdoor furniture because of its durability issues or because buying wooden items implies that you might promote deforestation, teak remains one of the best and most eco-friendly type of wood that you can consider. Teak furniture is not only relatively low maintenance – barely requiring any minor finishes to last for a lifetime – but it is also highly sustainable, being one of the few types of wood that can be reused without a problem after the furniture’s usable lifespan expires

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Of course, teak outdoor patio furniture Denver dealers confirm that not all types of teak are created equal. There are different grades rated from A to C, and while even grade C is better than some kinds of wood, grade A is what you should be looking for to gain the best level of quality and durability. Grade A teak comes from the center of the trunk, which means it stores all the natural oils required to make the wood last longer and stay resilient in the face of environmental changes.

Also, aside from all of its practical qualities, teak is a very stylish material that can be made to look absolutely beautiful with the right finishes, and also has a lengthy history in its use in various kinds of furniture items. The renewable use of teak dates back to England, where old ships that were unusable were broken down and the wood salvaged to create the first teak benches, and the venture was considered a huge success at the time.