Having a fire pit at home is great for fun family time and delicious marshmallows. But as you might have guessed, firefighters will tell you that a fire pit is definitely a hazard to have close to your home or to the trees in your garden. So if you want to keep using your fire pit, it’s important to keep track to some essential safety tips for fire pits in Denver.

fire pit

1. Fire pits are certainly not toys, and they aren’t safe for young children. Make sure you supervise your kids at all times, if you plan to let them use the fire pit for any purpose whatsoever.
2. Find a good spot for your fire pit. Usually, it’s best to keep it away from plants, trees and wooden fences. Also, make sure the surface you set it on is sturdy (stone or concrete would be best), level, and at least 10 feet away from your house.
3. Check your owner’s manual before placing your fire pit on glassy, wood deck surfaces or an enclosed patio. In most cases, these are all strongly discouraged.
4. Start up your flames safely using dry, seasoned wood that was previously cut at least 6 months earlier. Avoid starting the fire using gas, kerosene or lighter fuel.
5. To quench the fire once you don’t need it anymore, snuff it out safely, instead of using any other methods.