barbeque grills and smokers
Garden barbecue grills and smokers are two different things. Grilled meat doesn`t have the same smoked flavor and smoked meat doesn`t have the same grilled taste. When you visit the best BBQ store in Denver, you will find that these two appliances may be similar in appearance, but cannot be more different when it comes to other aspects: they use different cooking temperatures, have different designs and use different cooking technique.
Smokers obviously use smoke for cooking the food. They can be fueled with wood, charcoal, gas or electricity. Electric smokers are the most easy to use, but the other types of fuel provide a better flavor. The food becomes tender, due to extended slow cooking. On the other hand, using a smoker requires more cooking time, temperature is quite difficult to control, and so food safety may be a concern if you do not use a special thermometer.
Grills are faster and produce that typical barbecue flavor. They are very popular, thus they can be found in most backyards. The food put on a grill must be rotated for even heating. Just like smokers, they can be fueled with gas, charcoal, wood or electricity. BBQ grills produce moist and flavorful foods. Grilling is also healthier than frying and baking because it doesn’t require oil.