The amount of maintenance work that you need to put in with your fireplace depends on the type of fuel you use in the appliance – here are some tips for you:

  • Electric fireplaces – these units don’t burn fuel, which means that they don’t require any special maintenance, other than occasional cleaning for the exterior surface;

wood fireplace Denver maintenance

  • Wood-burning fireplaces – these are the most maintenance-intensive types of fireplaces, the deposits and build-ups generated during the burning process, such as the ash and the grime needs to be removed frequently. If the fireplace is fitted with a fire-proof glass door, it will have to be cleaned regularly and the pipes and chimneys that are part of the heating system will need to be inspected and cleaned by a wood burning fireplace Denver professional at least once a year to ensure safe burning and proper venting;
  • Gas-burning fireplaces – gas-operated fireplaces usually have glass doors that need to be cleaned when they become clouded with soot. The other components of the system, such as the interior of the chamber and the vented logs should also be cleaned. If you have an unvented gas-burning fireplace, you will need a qualified fireplace Denver technician to perform maintenance tasks and you will need a professional for the other related tasks, such as the checking of the smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors. Pay attention to the batteries that operate the sensors and the fireplace remote and replace them once a year.