fall home maintenance
The end of the summer comes not only with milder weather and beautiful colors, but with lots of work around the house as well. The entire home needs to be prepared for the fall. It is a great time to schedule
gas fireplace inserts inspection and maintenance. Your outdoor furniture should be prepared for fall too – here is how to prep patio furniture:
– Umbrellas and pergolas – collapse them when the sun is no longer that strong, then clean them and put them away in a shed for the rainy season and for the winter;
– Wooden furniture – your wooden tables and chairs need some of your attention before they can be safely placed in the shed or moved into the house. Clean the furniture with some mild detergent, then apply a fresh coat of weatherproof sealant on each of your pieces. Keep the furniture outdoors as long as the weather allows you to use your patio and repeat the cleaning before you move the furnishing items indoors;
– Pillows and cushions – clean your outdoor pillows according to the instructions, then place them into zippered storage bags and put them into a closet for the winter;
– Clean the deck, the handrails and all the other components of the patio the same way you cleaned the furniture and apply a weatherproof coating as well.