A wood-burning fireplace might be a valuable, spectacular addition to your home, but if you have been using one for some time, you surely know that wood is expensive, uncomfortable to use (you need to cut logs and to carry them in every day) and the fireplace also requires lots of attention, in the form of cleaning and other maintenance tasks. Gas-burning fireplaces, on the other hand, are much more efficient, more economical and easier to maintain, too, so here is how you can convert your existing wood-burning unit to one that uses gas:

  • Get a suitable insert – the best choice is a direct-vent gas insert. These units use sealed combustion systems that expel all the exhaust outside the home. Popular gas fireplace inserts Denver stores advertise that they are very safe, clean and easy to take care of;

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  • Get the insert installed by a licensed professional – you should never attempt installing your own gas-burning insert. Hire an expert to do it for you – that is the only way to ensure that your fireplace is indeed as safe and as efficient as you want it to be. You should also hire a specialist to check and maintain your gas-operated fireplace each year before you turn on your unit.