Traeger grills Denver

Finding the grill that is suitable for the types of dishes that your family and your guests like as well as for your cooking style is essential for hosting successful BBQ parties. Grills come in a very wide range of sizes, price tags and the range of available accessories is not very limited either, so the easiest way to categorize grills is by the type of the fuel that they use – here are some important details that can make the choice easier for you:

  • Gas grills – these are the most common and most convenient types of grilling equipment sold in stores today. They come with lots of benefits, including short heating up (gas grills take only about 10 minutes to get fully heated) and easy ignition. Gas grills are suitable for people who grill only occasionally and have plenty of outdoor space to accommodate the equipment; Find luxury Traeger grills in Denver at Lehers Fireplace and Patio retailers.
  • Charcoal grills – these units are preferred for the characteristic, charred flavor that they give the food prepared on them. They take about half an hour to get going and be prepared that putting the fire out will also take some time. In terms of pricing and ownership costs, charcoal grills are cheaper to buy, but if you grill often, the coal might cost you more than the fuel for a gas grill;
  • Electric grills – these are the cleanest, easiest to use, but the least authentic types of grills. These units do not generate very high heat and they do not add any special flavor to the dishes prepared, but they are reliable and their small size makes them suitable for being used in apartments or on balconies, too.