Shopping for gas fireplace inserts can be a difficult task, especially if you never did it before. It’s important to first consult a Denver professional and find out all about the qualities, features and characteristics of the fireplace inserts you’ll have to get.

gas fireplace inserts Denver

First you may have to make sure to measure the dimensions of your existing fireplace to ensure that the gas insert will fit correctly. Ask a gas fireplace inserts Denver store representative about the heating capacity of the gas insert, and choose one that is appropriate for the size of the room. Gas fireplace inserts require ventilation to remove the fumes and prevent any buildup of dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide. So, aside from the size and dimensions, consider the venting options available and choose a fireplace insert that works best for your home’s setup.

Another important thing to do is to look for gas fireplace inserts that are highly efficient and have high AFUE ratings. The higher the AFUE rating, the more heat the insert will provide and the more efficient it will be. Additionally, you’ll need to ask your Denver professionals about gas fireplace inserts that have features such as adjustable flame height, remote control, and thermostatic control. These features make it easy to control the heat output and customize the look of the flames.

Finally, get informed about the gas insert’s safety features. Make sure you get one that comes with an automatic shut-off valve and a sensor that detects any buildup of dangerous gases, so that any unwanted and dangerous situations can be prevented.