Luxury outdoor patio furniture Denver

Restoring and upgrading your pool area does not have to be an expensive project – here are some ideas that can inspire you:

  • Change the pool finish – blue is the common color for pool finishes. To create a fresh, cheerful appearance, pick some other finish or paint the pool walls if the material allows it;
  • Add comfortable furniture – luxurious blankets, towels and pillows, comfortable seating with suitably sized tables will transform your pool area, adding the atmosphere of an elegant spa; Luxury outdoor patio furniture Denver showrooms have a wide selection of styles, materials, fabrics, and expert design help as well.
  • Add plants – exotic flowering plants or palms are great for a touch of freshness and beauty to your pool area as well as for enhancing your privacy. Just make sure that the plants you select are suitable for the high humidity in your pool area;
  • Add some shade – spending a long time around the pool on hot days might cause thermal discomfort and the risk of sunburn also increases. Figure out how you can create shaded areas – you can install a canopy tent, use umbrellas or set up a pergola to enhance comfort;
  • Replace the pavement – decorative stone or stamped concrete can make a huge difference;
  • Add pool features – even the simplest waterfall can make your entire pool area the relaxing, tranquil place that you want it to be.