winterize outdoor kitchens

Now that cold season has arrived, your outdoor kitchens in Denver must be winterized to prevent damage caused by the weather.

Some kitchen appliances and tools, as well as the plumbing can freeze and become damaged by water and cold air. Adding an awning is not enough, so you must consider some additional steps for winterizing outdoor kitchens in Denver to keep them safe during winter.

Protect the plumbing system

Freezing pipes may burst and cause a massive problem when you need it less. Make sure to prevent this by evacuating all water.

Winterize your grill

Before the arrival of the cold season, you must clean and polish your outdoor grill, then put a winter cover on top of it. You will probably not use it anytime soon, so you should also disconnect the gas line, assuming that the grill is propane fuelled.

Keep moisture away

Moisture is a problem during the winter. It can get trapped in various places of your outdoor kitchen, causing rust and deterioration. On materials like wood and metal, you should use sealers and finishes that provide better protection during the winter months.

Move the furniture indoors

The furniture of your outdoor kitchen must be moved somewhere indoors or at least be covered with a plastic foil.