outdoor patio furniture sets in Lakewood

There are a few simple rules that you must adhere to when it comes to outdoor furniture maintenance. Maintenance is not complicated, but must be performed correctly at the right time. Sun, water, moisture and dust are the main enemies of your outdoor furniture, and the protective measures must intervene to limit their damaging effects.

It is good to know that all garden furniture, regardless the materials it is made from, requires some maintenance operations – some more than others.

Keep the furniture clean

The first step towards proper care of your patio furniture is deep cleaning with water, a solution or detergent or with bleaching agents, followed by rinsing. The furniture must be allowed to dry completely, but preferably not in direct sunlight.

Store your patio furniture during the cold season or during extreme weather events.

Cover the furniture

If you do not have enough space for storing your garden furniture, you can choose to cover it. The material that is also used in the manufacture of car covers will protect your furniture against snow, ice, hail and water, very efficiently. You can find protective covers at places that sell outdoor patio furniture sets in Lakewood.

Extra protection for your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is very vulnerable to moisture, but there are sprays or varnishes specially created to protect it. These solutions will make it look like new.