If you’re thinking of selling your house, is an outdoor kitchen worth the cost just to increase your home’s value and curb appeal temporarily? While this question might seem like a valid one, the potential benefits of having an outdoor kitchen installed outweigh many of the possible drawbacks that one might encounter.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home any time soon, but you’re thinking of renting part of it, or the house in its entirety, to new tenants, an outdoor kitchen will definitely be a great asset.

outdoor kitchen on patio

Do Outdoor Kitchens in Denver Properties Help to Increase Home Value?

Is an outdoor kitchen worth the cost in the long run? This question has been asked over and over again by homeowners and investors alike when considering selling a home to buy a new one for a profit. The fact is that the placement, practical nature and appearance of an outdoor kitchen can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to increase your home value.

First, outdoor kitchens are outside, and they look great. That will be one of the first areas that visitors and prospective buyers will see, and if it looks good, then you’re in the green in terms of your negotiations.

At the same time, an outdoor kitchen gives you (or the new buyers) the ability to cook outside, which is remarkably expansive. You can use the barbecue grill almost every day, avoid the rain with an outdoor kitchen that’s covered, and even create an entire dining and dancing area where you can hold parties or small family gathering on occasion.

All these benefits, combined with the curb appeal that an outdoor kitchen has to offer, will greatly increase your chances of getting a great price or renting out your home in exchange for a more advantageous lease offer.

The Lesser Known Financial Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to the cost itself, it’s important to consider the amount that you’d normally spend on an outdoor kitchen. Although higher end outdoor kitchens can cost $15,000 when you add a lot of fancy, advanced technologies and appliances to them, the average cost of outdoor kitchen installation and the required appliances and materials will rarely exceed $5,000 to $7,000.

This prospect provides you with an invaluable opportunity to sell your house for a profit. In some cases, you can get $30k to $40k more for your house after installing an outdoor kitchen.

If you’re thinking about renting your home out to one or more tenants, an outdoor kitchen that everyone can use can also be a great asset. Multiple kitchens will already favor renting the place out to flatmates that aren’t related and don’t form the same household. Also, the convenient access of your outdoor kitchen and dining area will make it possible for all your tenants to plan on bringing guests or holding gatherings.

An outdoor kitchen is a real money making machine. You can increase your rent by several hundred dollars to earn more, or if you choose to, you can even avoid selling or renting your house at all, and set up your own food business right at home, without even bothering any of the members of your household.