The patio is often the last one on the list when it comes to home renovations or remodeling projects, which is a first mistake.

Other mistakes that people tend to do when designing their patio refer to ignoring good practices or important details that should be taken into account.

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Style or design

Style and design mistakes are very frequent. If you are not very skilled in interior and exterior design, it doesn`t hurt to ask a specialist instead of making aesthetic mistakes that will decrease the curb appeal of your entire property.  Always consider the architectural style of your house, its proportions and the materials used for other exterior elements, as well as patterns and details you can replicate on your patio.

Failing to ensure proper water runoff

Your patio is an outdoor area, thus exposed to the elements. Proper drainage is extremely important to prevent water pooling that will ruin your comfort and weaken the foundation.

Forgetting it is outdoors, not indoors

Some people use indoor furniture on their patio, which looks odd and completely out of place.  Old living room sofas, chairs or coffee tables relocated outdoors are a huge mistake, so do not even think about doing this unless you want to receive a “weirdo” label. Instead, look for incredible outdoor patio furniture sets in Highlands Ranch specialty retailers.