use your professional Lynx Denver grill to prepare great food for your Halloween party

Halloween might be the last holiday of the year when you can start your outdoor grill and use your outdoor kitchen, so here are some great recipes that you can try:

  • Bat wings, roasted – grill some chicken wings and when they are done, pour some black sauce on it. Prepare your favorite BBQ sauce and add to it some black food coloring to achieve the mandatory spookiness;
  • Prepare eyeballs – use minced meat to prepare your favorite meat balls, then use cheese and olives to make the meat balls look like bloodshot eyes;
  • Create a rib cage – pork ribs are among the favorites at BBQ parties and they can be easily transformed to look like real rib cages. Prepare your favorite marinade, spread it on the ribs, then let the meat rest for at least a day. Use your professional Lynx Denver grill to cook the ribs to perfection, then remove some of the meat from the bones, carefully, to keep the bones intact. Prepare some more sauce, the redder, the better and pour it on the exposed bones to make it all look like a rib cage covered in blood;
  • Prepare mummy hotdogs – grill the hot dogs, but don’t stuff them into a bun. Use some stripes of crescent dough to wrap it around the sausages to make them look like mummies in rags.