There are some efficient guidelines for maintaining your outdoor furniture and ensuring its protection from the elements. Maintenance operations must be done correctly and at the right time. The sun, water, moisture and dust are the greatest enemies of your outdoor furniture, therefore protection measures must be considered regularly, regardless the materials it is made from.

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According to outdoor furniture Denver suppliers, the first step towards proper care of outdoor furniture is deep cleaning. Cleaning must be performed by washing the furniture, followed by rinsing and drying. While drying, the furniture should stay in the shade. Wipe as well as possible with a mobile cloth after washing it. The washing operation must be done periodically, especially in the case of aluminum products, but less often in the case of wooden and wicker garden furniture. Cushions must be washed separately and can be dried in the traditional way.

Once furniture is clean, some materials require some extra special care. Waterproofing wood outdoor furniture is one of the most important treatments, providing impermeability in conditions of moisture, rain or snow. Before and after waterproofing, it is recommended to use a special oil for protection, applied in the form of a film, which prevents the appearance of mold, but allows the wood to “breathe”.