Choosing a heating system for your home is an important decision, so you need to study the market before making an investment. If you are thinking of purchasing a pellet stove, you should know from the beginning the advantages and challenges of such an alternative heating solution.

This model of stove works with processed wood, transformed into pellets. Pellets are obtained by removing the bark of tree trunks, grinding it, drying and compacting the resulting material. They have a cylindrical shape and may contain several types of wood. Knowledgeable fireplace dealers in Denver can give you further insight, as well as sell pellets for these stoves

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Pellets are more advantageous, financially, compared to liquid fuels or electricity. Sometimes, pellet stoves can be an even more practical solution than a classic fireplace, especially if you have to heat a small area. It is enough to power the stove once, and then you will be able to enjoy its efficiency for up to 16 hours.

Pellet stoves are equipped with an electronic thermostat that can be set according to your preferences, with great precision. Thus, you can set the temperature you want, exactly as you do in the case of a thermal power plant.

Smoke emissions from combustion are low and the ash can be used as fertilizer, being a rich source of nutrients and minerals for the soil.