Traeger grills Denver

BBQ smokers are sturdy pieces of cooking equipment intended for outdoor use, just like grills, but they are structured slightly differently: while grills feature a chamber for burning the fuel and a rack to place the ingredients to be grilled, a smoker has a fuel compartment and another chamber into which the food is placed and that comes with a perforated lid to allow the some to penetrate the food and to give the characteristic taste. According to retailers that sell wood pellet Traeger grills in Denver, here are some benefits of owning a specialty grill and smoker:

  • Achieving that unique, smoky flavor – no grill can ever give your food that smoky taste;
  • More stable temperatures – smokers are more suitable or preparing food that needs a stable temperature to become tender and cooked-through, such as pork ribs. With a good smoker, you should be able to prepare meats much faster than with a grill;
  • Larger cooking areas – smokers usually provide space for more food than grills, allowing you to prepare your meat along with your veggies. Many smokers come with multiple racks, some of them having three layers to cook on;
  • Affordability – BBQ smokers come in a wide price range, but even the most expensive units are cheaper than grills.